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Annals of Disaster Medicine

Updated July 03, 2002

-Since the 21st century, disaster medicine became emergency medicine’s main component. Workers in disaster medicine must have knowledge in scientific methods in order to be able to meet natural and man-made disasters. The main purpose is to find the best ways to deal with it.

-Taiwan Society of Disaster Medicine is the center of disaster medicine research and education. One may come browse our periodicals for personal research.

-By developing and expanding information through better technology, we are able to use the internet to provide electronic annals. We are in the process of applying for the ISSN, to provide a national and international source of disaster medicine electronic annals. 

-We welcome everyone in the world with interest and knowledge concerning disaster medicine and prevention to submit their original thesis to our catalog. Because disaster medicine is a relatively new field to most countries, we are not accepting reviews at this time.

-Disaster medicine annals are rarely available. This electronic catalog is a pioneer in establishing a center where disaster medicine can be researched and collected. We would like to make the Annals of Disaster universal to all and in a large scale. We hope everyone will help advocate this concept.   To Top

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